Landlord and Tenant rules

Thursday Jun 23rd, 2022


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions related to renting.


The Landlord will prepare the Government lease form for signature before the tenant move-in.


First and Last Month's rent

The deposit equal to two months' rent is due at the time of acceptance of this Lease by the Landlord, to be applied to the first and last month's rent due under this Lease.


Can Tenant Offer to prepay one year of rent in advance?

If the tenant offers to pay one year of rent in advance, it is legal, but it must be clear that the Landlord did not ask for it.


Rent Increase

Ninety days' notice and Form 1 must be sent to the tenant.

 The rent could be increased twelve months after the last increase unless the tenant leaves voluntarily.


        Evict tenant for Family reason

         Family means landlord, spouse, child, parent, or caregiver to the family is planning to occupy the

          rental property.          

         Sixty days' notice and Form 12 are required.

 Now requires extra month rent to be paid as compensation.

 The landlord or family must be occupant for at least one year or a $25K fine.


Can you evict the tenant before listing the home for sale?

Only if you find tenant another place to live – may also have pay compensation.


What if the landlord has a buyer?

Three possibilities:

1. Buyer assumes the tenant.

2. Buyer wants vacant possession to rent to someone else for more money.

If the Buyer wants vacant possession, then the deal must be conditional on the seller making a deal with the tenant.

3. Buyer moves in on closing

60 days notice  and Form 12

If the Buyer is moving in on closing, a tenant has no compensation.


Terminating Tenancies:

The tenant must give 60 days' notice to terminate tenancies.

The tenant does not need to provide a reason

Landlord Notices:

  • No payment of rent -14 days' notice
  • Family Reason – 60 days' notice
  • Buyer requires vacant possession- 60 days' notice
  • Demolition, Renovation, Change of use-120 days' notice
  • Agreement to terminate a tenancy -Form 11

If the tenant signs Form 11 and then does not move out, the Landlord must still apply for eviction to the Board, but the process is simple.

Condo rent :

The landlord will be responsible for all damages to the condominium or legal costs as a result of the tenant's actions.


All forms can be downloaded from the website Google Landlord and Tenant Board.

Should you need further details, I'll be only too pleased to provide them.

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