The key to success is active marketing and educated pricing. 

 Ask yourself” What is my motivation to sell?” Whatever your motivation, need or desire, you will always find an agent who will list your house at the price you want.  They are listing agents.  They may list your house simply for the opportunity to attract buyers from the sign that they have placed on your property regardless of the cost to you.  How does it cost you?  Well, we will have the opportunity to explore those costs together when we meet to list your house.  

Other agents are “selling agents.”  These agents work with tier-one properties and tier-one clients to prepare, market, and sell a home at the highest price that the market will allow.

I am the selling agents.  I understand the effect of absorption rate, “the hovering” and “worry pricing.”  Hire me…sell your house…achieve your goals.  I look forward to our upcoming conversation and working for you to achieve the highest possible price that the market offers for your property.

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Knowing the transaction values of other homes that have sold in your neighbourhood is very important information when the time comes to put your home on the market. This is critical information that you must have weeks before you put your home up for sale. 

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