Six details that you should pay attention to when choosing a condo apartment to buy

Saturday Feb 11th, 2023


When someone plans to buy real estate, the initial concerns are budget and location.

Here I would like to draw your attention to six details that would be nice to keep in mind choosing a condo apartment to buy.


Below are six details you should consider not overlooking when buying a condo.


1. Make sure there is no Kitec plumbing in the building.

Between 1995 and 2007, Kitec plumbing was used by builders. Later, it was discovered that Kitec plumbing is not the most reliable under certain conditions, hence why they stopped installing these pipes into buildings. These old pipes may have already been replaced in the building. However, if the replacement has not been done yet, you need to be aware that these pipe replacements will occur. Also, keep track of who will cover this type of renovation charge.


2. Avoid buying an apartment across from the elevator or disposal room. It will save you from excessive noise.


3. Pay attention to the natural lighting of the unit. When viewing the unit during the day, note how sunlight illuminates the space.


4. Look at the range hood above the stove. The best configuration is when the range hood exhausts air outside of the building 


5. The security of the building is essential. Unfortunately, from year to year, security is becoming increasingly important in the Greater Toronto Area. So keep an eye out for a building's security features.


6. Buying an apartment in a building with a good reputation will be an advantage in the future if, for some reason, you decide to sell this property. You can find reviews on Google to see its relative reputation.


I hope you remember some of these points when buying your condo apartment!

Thank you for your attention.


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