A little about one of the oldest neighborhoods in Toronto is located on its west side.

Thursday Oct 12th, 2023



If you're not sure which neighborhood in Toronto to settle in, I think this post will be interesting to you.

The High Park area, alongside the Bloor West Village area, turns out to be a historic, green, and

colorful area in Toronto.

This quiet area of the city, where the homes have a history with unique character, beautiful parks, good

schools, and easy access to the city center, this area really has it all.

High Park by itself is beautiful; it takes up a huge amount of land with plenty of things to do, but it also

has plenty of secluded, quiet spots. In the spring, you can enjoy the smells of the cherry blossoms

(Sakura), go for a relaxing walk, and grab a bite at the cafe located inside the park or just enjoy the

sunshine and take it easy.

You will most definitely enjoy the comforting atmosphere of the neighboring Bloor West Village with

its diverse selection of shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

The Coffee Tree Roastery is a place to check out for coffee gourmands. There you can always find the

scent of freshly ground coffee.

And if you are more into Tea, you should stop by Say Tea Limited. They have an exciting assortment of

leaf teas from around the world, all of the highest quality.

This area focuses more on families, with its good schools and plenty of sports programs for kids and


As a real estate agent, more must be said about this area. The variety of housing in this area is fantastic.

From century-old homes with unique charm to new condominiums, which offer all the modern features

you might desire.

Overall if you are looking for a friendly neighborhood to live in located in Toronto, Bloor West Village/

High Park is definitely worth consideration.

Average rent price for a single bedroom condo: $2780

The market price for a one-bedroom condo: $600,000

The market price for a detached home: $2,000,000

I hope this article enlightened you and you stop by this area to check it out!

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