A little bit about a Swansea neighborhood in the west end of Toronto.

Thursday Oct 05th, 2023


If you're not sure which neighborhood in Toronto to settle in, I think this post will be interesting to you.

Swansea is a neighborhood in Toronto that borders a pond, river, and lake.

This quiet neighborhood with elite houses is situated west of High Park, wrapping around the

Grenadier Pond. The more high-end residences are located in the Brule Gardens enclave in the

northwest pocket of Swansea.

Rennie Park is a perfect spot for a nice stroll or a picnic. Connected to it is Catfish Pond with a nice

trail alongside the stream connected to it. Surrounded by trees, you can hardly see evidence of the

buildings around you. Rennie Park also houses a skating rink and hockey rink where you can go out

and have fun in the winter months.

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As a real estate agent, it is essential to inform you that this area is steps away from a TTC subway

station, about a 15-minute drive to the city's center, and directly connected to High Park. Humber River

is located on the west side of this neighborhood, with Lake Ontario situated to the south, where you can

go for a nice jog alongside the lake shore. Bloor West Village is directly to the north, hosting a plethora

of shops, cafes, and restaurants.


The median price for a detached house in this area is $2,300,000

The median price for a one-bedroom apartment is $600,000


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