Fire Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Tuesday Dec 20th, 2022


Delicious feasts, cozy fires, and beautiful decorations are all essential parts of many families’ holiday traditions. Unfortunately, many of these traditions can involve a fire hazard if families are not careful. This holiday season, protect your family and your home by following these vital fire safety tips.

Kitchen Tips:

Never Leave the Oven Unattended

Kitchen fires are far more likely to occur during holiday cooking. It may take time for your delicious roast bird or ham to cook in the oven, but never leave your oven unattended. If you must be away while cooking occurs, opt for a slow cooker instead.

Understand Grease Fires

Kitchen fires can get out of control quickly because many people don’t know how to squelch the flames safely. Do not use water on a grease fire. Instead, use these options to stop the spread of a grease fire:

  • Douse the fire by covering the flames with a metal pot lid or cookie sheet.
  • Small or manageable fires can be smothered with salt or baking soda. 
  • Use a chemical fire extinguisher.

Keep Your Workspace Clean

Rushing with hand towels, aprons, baking mix boxes, and recipe books can all result in a fire hazard if you are not careful. Keep your workspace clean and clear, and never place anything flammable near your stovetop.

Decorating Tips:

Avoid Open Flames

Opt for a flameless candle to complete your holiday decor. Electric menorahs or Christmas candles can offer a beautiful touch without an open flame around children or pets.

Replace Vintage, Eclectic Decor

Keep your vintage ornaments or another holiday decor, but opt to recycle any old electric decor that may be worn out. Preventing a fire hazard will ensure you get to keep the other items for years to come.

Keep Your Tree Fresh

If you use a fresh Christmas tree this holiday season, be sure that you properly water and care for it. This can reduce fire risk.

Use Outdoor-Safe Decor

Holiday lights are beautiful, but not all holiday decor is rated for outdoor weather. Prevent a fire or electrical issue by choosing outdoor-safe decor for your lawn.

Have a Fire Extinguisher On-Hand

With all of the fire risks that the season can bring, it’s vital that you have access to a fire extinguisher. This ensures that any fire risk doesn’t get out of hand too quickly.

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