Here is a list of my favorite trails around Toronto.

Monday May 01st, 2023


As warmer weather is around the corner, more opportunities to spend time outdoors are appearing. A favorite of mine is going on hikes with family. Here is a list of my favorite trails around Toronto.

- Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

This beautiful park just west of Oakville is a perfect place to go for a nice hike. The thing that makes this park stick out to me is the creek that runs right through it. The vibes of the trail along the creek are unmatchable compared to any urban park.

- Forks of the Credit.

Although this location is a bit far (30-40 min drive), it is most definitely worth the journey. Again, like the last location, the forks has a beautiful stream running through it, painting such a gorgeous landscape. But what makes it unique from other locations are the waterfalls. The waterfalls here are pretty cool to look at while you rest from the hike.

- Albion Hills Conservation Park.

This park is another fun place to go for a hike; I choose this one because the trails are not too difficult but still enjoyable. This park is also not too far, a 40/45 min drive from Etobicoke. This place is also very nice during the springtime to see the transition from a winter landscape to a summer one.

I hope one of these places interests you. I most definitely like all of them. Hope you enjoy the soon-coming warm weather!

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