How to Keep Pests Out of the Kitchen

Thursday Jun 02nd, 2022


Kitchens are a party haven for pests. Bugs and rodents are attracted to food and water, which they need for survival. So, it’s no wonder that the kitchen is a popular warzone for pest control. Luckily, there are a few very simple things you can do in your kitchen to help prevent pests from invading your space.

Vinegar with olive oil. You are not preparing salad dressing. To help repel pests, combine water, vinegar, and essential oil in a tiny spray bottle and spritz your counter tops, window sills, and nooks and crannies. Make a solution of half white vinegar, half water, and ten drops lavender oil.

Juice of lemon. Lemon juice, like vinegar, can function as a natural deterrent. Sprinkle it around your countertops, the backs of your shelves, and wherever else you see pests entering.

Diatomaceous earth. This soft rock powder may seem like a mouthful, but it truly works to keep creatures at away. Simply sprinkle it in crevices around your property where pests are prone to enter.

Ground coffee. Another fantastic gift from the coffee plant. This tip works better outdoors than inside—sprinkle coffee grounds around the foundation of your home to keep pests out.

Dish detergent. While not quite "natural," this is most likely something you already have in your house. Rub a little soap and water along your baseboards, window sills, and door jambs.

Whoever take these basic measures may help make their building a safer and healthier environment for everyone to live. Furthermore, each of these acts just takes a few minutes out of their day. When compared to dealing with a swarm of pesky invaders, it's a minor price to pay.

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