The residents of downtown Toronto are changing.

Thursday Sep 28th, 2023


Every year the residents of downtown Toronto are getting younger and younger.

Two of Toronto's three universities and one of the community colleges are situated in the city center. Many students live close to their downtown campuses.

Young people are moving away from their parents to areas where one does not need to drive a car but can walk and cycle to most places. This is the preferred way to get around the downtown core, even more so than public transport. They want to live close to work. The city center has the highest concentration of jobs of all types. They enjoy the nightlife and want to be close to cultural sites such as museums, theaters, cinemas, restaurants, and nightclubs.

There are several large hospitals in the city center. Hospital staff, in most cases, live close to where they work.

Wealthy employees that work at financial institutions and university professors also prefer to be situated in the city center.

Newly arrived immigrants, who have the monetary capabilities of living downtown, choose the center of Toronto in order to understand how the city "breathes."

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