There are three details that you should consider when buying your first home.

Monday Nov 06th, 2023


📌🏘There are three details that you should consider when buying your first home.📌

Today, there is a choice in the real estate market, and buyers can compare and choose. If you are ready to take the first step, I want to draw your attention to some details that may not immediately catch your eye and may not seem severe.

🚩The road and traffic.

A house without a front yard or a "challenging" steep driveway, as well as a road with heavy traffic, may seem inconvenient now. However, if you are buying a house and plan to start a family in the near future, you will understand that this minor drawback becomes a much bigger issue. It may be difficult for younger children to navigate a steep driveway, and a busy road or steep driveway means you may have to take the kids to a local park so they can ride bikes or scooters. And near the house, it may be difficult and unsafe to keep them occupied even for a short period. There is a backyard, but children like to watch what's happening around them, not just behind the house.

🚩Fireplace maintenance.

There's little that can be more picturesque than a roaring fire in a new home. If you dream of spending family evenings by the fireplace and see yourself warming up by the fire on cold winter nights, don't get lost in the romance! Consider what it takes to maintain and upkeep this romanticism. If the idea of cleaning the chimney and conducting annual checks for nesting animals seems like a daunting task, perhaps it's better to exclude this feature from your list.

🚩Cost of renovation.

Home renovation is a flexible concept. From painting the house a new color to a complete reconstruction, everything falls under the category of renovation. Therefore, it's important to have an understanding of what the desired update means in terms of time and financial investment. Ideally, the first home is a place that can grow with you and that you can improve on your own while living in it for years.

However, buyers are often put off by minor "nuisances," so try to imagine how the living room would look without that bright orange paint, for example. Some updates should be planned; just be mindful of your time, skills, and finances before diving into a major renovation.

It's very easy to get lost in the details when looking for your first home, and you will likely have to compromise, sacrifice something, and overlook some minor details. A full understanding of your future goals, current lifestyle, and budget will be necessary to choose a home that fits your main criteria and, most importantly, not to miss out on it. Sometimes people come to a house, they like it but aren't quite ready, and I already understand that we'll be looking for exactly this and comparing it to this!

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