Top 3 Trends in Metal Roofing

Thursday Jul 27th, 2023


From modern mountain to rustic farmhouse, metal roofing is playing a starring role in a variety of home-design styles. Whether it’s used for the entire roof or just as an accent, metal offers not only style but substance to a home, adding to its performance and sustainability. 

As the trend grows, so does the variety of looks and options. According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), these are the top three residential metal roofing trends for 2023. They’ll add serious improvement to your home’s curb appeal.

Dark and Dramatic
For those who want to add a striking look to their home, look for a metal roof in deep shades of darkest gray verging on midnight black. Stark, clean and super modern, quality metal roofing in dark colors can still achieve significant energy savings thanks to high-performance coatings that keep interiors cool and utility bills low. An added plus, metal is a great choice for fire-prone areas. To add even more notoriety to your home, complement your dark metal roof with a brightly painted front door and/or shutters. 

The Allure of Anodized
Go for an eye-catching dramatic look with an anodized aluminum metal roof. According to the MRA, the process of anodizing highlights the metallic depth and natural sheen of organic aluminum alloy, while minimizing color variations. The result? A dimensional hue that highlights the alloy’s natural beauty. And when it comes to performance, the process used to create anodized aluminum results in an exceptionally strong, durable and damage-resistant roof—perfect for coastal regions where corrosion can take a toll. 

Mix and Match
According to the MRA, metal roofing comes in more shades, patterns and designs making it one of the most versatile materials available to homeowners. Combine patterns and colors or use metal to highlight a particular architectural detail of your home, such as a turret, dormer, porch or shed. Combine more expensive alloys, such as copper, by using it to accent other metals. This allows you to take advantage of its beauty without breaking the bank. 

Find inspiration for your metal roof online and talk to your local roofing professional to find out what might work best for your home—and budget.

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