What Can Sellers Do Before a Home Inspection?

Saturday Feb 01st, 2020


Buyers want to know they're purchasing a property not only that they love, but that's safe and well-maintained. A home inspection is designed to reveal any potential problems with the property. So sellers should try to make the buyer's inspection as smooth as possible to avoid red flags that might scrap the purchase.

Clean, then tackle tasks you might overlook in your day-to-day life. Change the furnace filter. Replace light bulbs. If you haven't yet, replace smoke detector batteries. Review major home features for potential concerns. Check windows for cracks, and replace any damaged panes or screens. Check outlets and replace if needed. Remove any clutter around HVAC systems to provide easy access. Some inspectors are more thorough than others, and some buyers are pickier. Completing these steps proactively may bring you and your buyer to the closing table - faster and happie

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