When is the best time to sell my home?

Saturday Feb 01st, 2020


Sellers logically want to put their homes on the market when they will sell quickly and for the best price. To achieve this, they must find the busiest home-selling season - for their market. In most areas, this season is spring. For many regions, this time of year offers warmer weather and more daylight for shopping. It's also prime time for families to buy if their goal is to get settled in before the next school year begins. Launching in spring, the busy season typically peaks in June, then tapers off as fall arrives.

However, some areas are less affected by weather changes or may be affected by other factors. The timing and demand for houses may be more or less pronounced at different times of year, depending on the location. This is where real estate agent expertise comes in handy. Your agent is intimately familiar with the local market and can best advise you when your market is hot.

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