Glen Park, Etobicoke

Wednesday Aug 23rd, 2023


In this short article, I write about one of Etobicoke’s favorite areas, where construction has not stopped since the early 2000s.

Glen Park and its surrounding areas.

Why do residents of the city love this area?

This is a small village in a big city with an established community. This district has good schools and parks in every other house that only local residents know about. It has excellent playgrounds for toddlers and young children. There is a small field for outdoor play, a small wading children's pool in the summer, and a tennis court.

The area is quiet and calm. The comfort and peace of residents are not disturbed by the traffic on major highways.

Builders in the early 2000s noticed and appreciated this area's excellent location in the city, quiet and green streets, and reasonably large plots of land on which tiny houses still stand today.

Since then, construction has been ongoing, and the old, quiet area has acquired a new attractive look. It is considered to be one of the more prestigious areas in Etobicoke.

Originally, the cost to demolish and rebuild a house was about 400 thousand. Today, the price for demolition and reconstruction has risen to an average of one and a half million. It should be noted that to this day, people are equally as interested in purchasing lots for a complete rebuild as they are in lots that already have modern houses.









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